Our Services

Makani Out  Door Party Catering Service

Catering services are provided for a minimum of 20 guests.

Vegetarian & non-vegetarian menus are available for your perusal.

(Halal Options Included )

Mobile Tandoor can be arranged.

"Live Counters" can be arranged for Chaats, kebabs, and Jalebis.

Wedding catering services are also available at venues of your choice.

Delivery services are also available.

Silver service sit-down meals for a group of fewer than 20 people.

It's never too late to organize.

While you’re in Dubai, have you ever searched for best biryani restaurant Karama on your phone? then you may come across our restaurant. We serve the tastiest non-vegetarian dishes, so people from Karama consider us as best non-vegetarian restaurant. Being a leading restaurant in Karama we don’t want to lose our vegetarian customers, so we highly focus on our vegetarian dishes too that helps us to get a recognition from people that we’re the best vegetarian restaurant